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Elections – Royal Spanish Weightlifting Federation

The Extraordinary General Assembly held this Saturday, February 13, at the headquarters of the Spanish Olympic Committee, has re-elected Constantino Iglesias as president of the Royal Spanish Weightlifting Federation for the period 2021-2024.

In this way, the electoral process of the RSWF that had two candidates for president, the reelected Iglesias and Emilio Estarlik, is closed. Finally, Constantino was the winner with a large difference in votes: 48 votes in favor and 10 against and no abstention.

Constantino Iglesias will serve his second term at the head of the federation after taking office in 2016, he thanked the trust placed in him and assured that “these years will be full of work, work and more work. Among his main challenges for this new legislature are:
– Implement modernization measures for the federal administration.
– Work to continue improving our national competitions.
– Insist on supporting clubs, athletes and coaches.
– Not ceasing in the performance of building a solid base of young athletes to feed the national team, with the ultimate goal of classifying the largest number of athletes for the Olympic Games.

Alejandro Blanco, president of the Spanish Olympic Committee, was present during part of the Assembly and wanted to congratulate the re-elected Iglesias and wanted to review the successes of our sport at an international level and stated that “no country has a weightlifting as clean as the Spanish and that this federation represents, like others, the values of federations, athletes, coaches and clubs. You have appreciated the management that Constantino and his team have carried out during the previous four years and have confirmed his good work at the head of the federation. Here you will always have my support and that of the Spanish Olympic Committee, for whatever you need”.

Irene Lozano, Secretary of State for Sports, could not be present during the event, but wanted to send a congratulatory video to Constantino and the new Delegate Commission in which she expressed her “support for the RSWF to work in a loyal, coordinated and effective in favor of our sport and especially our athletes ”. In addition, she sent a message of encouragement and hope to the different levels that make up the sport after the results that vaccination is having in Spain against COVID-19. Finally, she wished Spanish weightlifting every success and that she can soon celebrate them in person with all of them.

Source: Royal Spanish Weightlifting Federation –  photo credit: ISAAC MORILLAS / RFEH