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2021 IWF Junior World Championships – Jeddah (KSA)

After the postponement of 2021 the IWF Junior World Championships from March 2021 the dates have been finalized and the Event will be held between 20-31 May 2021.

The updated program of the Competition is planned as follows:

20 May 2021 IWF Committee Meetings/ IWF Executive Board Meeting
21 May 2021 IWF Executive Board Meeting
22 May 2021 IWF Congress
23-31 May 2021 Competitions

As usual, entry submission for the event will be via the E-Entry platform and deadline for the preliminary entries (LONG LIST) is 23 February 2021.

Athletes who have been entered by 10 December, 2020 (the original deadline before the postponement) are still in the system, so those Athletes don’t have to be re-entered again.

Since 2018 it is mandatory to register all athletes before the preliminary entry deadline in case of World Championships (Youth/Junior/Senior).
For this purpose, Federations are able to register up to 20 athletes per gender even though the final number of competitors can only be a maximum of 10 athletes (+ 2 Reserves) per gender, which shall be selected by the Final Entry deadline (20 April 2021).

Athletes shall also comply with the Anti-Doping requirements and rules of the IWF in regards to World Championships as follows:

In accordance with article 5.5.16 of the IWF Anti-Doping Rules 2021 whereabouts information of the athletes shall be submitted at minimum three (3) months prior to the event.
Athletes who wish to compete at the IWF Junior World Championships shall submit their whereabouts information for the period outlined above at the latest on 23 FEBRUARY 2021.
An Athlete who does not comply with this provision is not eligible to compete at the 2021 IWF Junior World Championships.
More information on the Regulations and Forms can be found here.


The IWF has already sent a request to the International Olympic Committee to allow the extension of the Qualification Period to be able to conclude all Qualification Events (including the 2021 IWF JWC) as planned.

This possible extension is still under review by the IOC and IWF will inform the Member Federations as soon as a decision has been made.