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EDC Joint Statement

The Ethics and Disciplinary Commission (EDC) is composed of five independent members from five different continents, which were recommended by the IWF Continental Federations and ratified by the IWF Executive Board (EB). As per the EDC Terms of Reference (ToR), the Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary were all elected by the members of the EDC acting independently.

As per the EDC Interim Rules, all EDC members have to comply with extensive conflict of interests rules, both in accordance with the standard practice of Sport Resolutions (UK) which administers the EDC Secretariat and the EDC Interim Rules. All real or perceived conflicts are systematically disclosed and such members should abstain from any determination or adjudication on individuals where a – real or perceived – conflict of interests might exist. There is an extensive challenge procedure provided for under the EDC Interim Rules for the ethics and disciplinary procedures.

The utmost priority of the EDC is to preserve its autonomy and the integrity of the IWF.

Having carefully examined the full list of candidates sent to the EDC on 11 February 2021 and the EB Candidates published by the IWF on 9 February, and in view of the regular contacts over the past few weeks between the EDC and the EB in formal sessions for the establishment and operations of the EDC, the EDC Members have since identified that the majority of the EB members are currently candidates in the forthcoming elections.

In view of the need of the EDC to be independent and fulfil its mandate in the long term, and in order to preserve the autonomy of the EDC Members, the EDC has unanimously decided to request the EB to fully delegate the functions of the Eligibility Determination Panel to Sport Resolutions (UK). The EDC also recommends amendment of the EDC Rules accordingly.

Dr Despina Mavromati, Chair
Mr Andrew Minogue, Vice-Chair
Prof. Moni Wekesa, Secretary
Ms Beatriz Merino, Member
Mr Yoshi Takatori, Member