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IWF Women’s Commission – First Ever Female Focus Webinar

IWF Women’s Commission will host the first ever Female Focus Webinar on February 5, 2021, at 21.00 Lausanne time.

The first presenter will be Ph candidate Kimberly Santabarbara, M.S., CSCS, who will lecture from Auckland, New Zealand, on the topic Strength Training and the Menstrual Cycle.
The next lecturer will be Head Coach at CHFP Weightlifting Cara Heads Slaughter, M.A., OLY, and USA Weightlifting International Coach, whose topic will answer questions to those wondering about Women Coaching Men.
The webinar will close with a presentation by Olympian Meg Stone, Director of the Center of Excellence for Sport Science and Coach Education at East Tennessee State University. Her topic will be Training Methodology for Women Weightlifters.
IWF Women’s Commission Chair Karoliina Lundahl will act as the moderator, and on the panel IWF Women’s Commission members Dr Heather Allison and Neroli King as well as IWF Athletes’ Commission Chair Sarah Davies and IWF Executive Board Memember Pyrros Dimas.

The IWF invites everyone interested to join this free webinar.