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ITA on behalf of IWF Concludes ADRV Process Against Romanian Weightlifters, Romanian Weightlifting Federation Now Eligible For Suspension

The International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) has been informed today by the International Testing Agency (ITA) of the conclusion of the anti-doping rule violation (ADRV) procedure for two Romanian weightlifters Gabriel SINCRAIAN and Razvan MARTIN. The details of the ADRVs can be found here.

The ADRVs bring to four the number to have been asserted against Athletes from the Romanian Weightlifting Federation over a 12-month period. The Romanian Weightlifting Federation is therefore subject to disciplinary sanctions by IWF based on Article 12 of the IWF Anti-Doping Policy, which has previously resulted in the suspension of a number of IWF Member Federations.

“It is deeply regrettable to see further anti-doping rule violations within weightlifting, but catching cheats is also clear proof that our efforts to protect clean athletes are having an impact,” said IWF President Dr Michael Irani. “I would like to thank our partners at the ITA for the excellent work they continue to do on behalf of the IWF and clean weightlifters everywhere.”

As of 2021, the IWF has delegated the disciplinary proceedings related to multiple ADRVs under Article 12 of the Anti-Doping Policy to an Independent Member Federations Sanctioning Panel, in order to ensure a fair, rigorous and independent process. The Independent Member Federations Sanctioning Panel will now be asked to proceed with the case of the Romanian Weightlifting Federation.