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Clarification on the latest IOC Statement on IWF

The International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) notes with deep concern the recent news that raised serious concerns about an apparent weakening of the anti-doping rules by the IWF seeking to change these rules approved by the IOC as part of its qualification system for Tokyo 2020 with the qualifications already in place and without any consultation with the IOC.

Faced with these public considerations, the IWF is obliged to make some clarifications.
The IWF categorically denies any action that violates the standards set by the IOC.

  • ·       There has been no change to the Olympic Qualification System and therefore there was no need to consult with the IOC.
  • ·       Nations suspended from participating in the Tokyo 2020 Games remain suspended.
  • ·       Nations that were imposed reductions in quota places as a result of doping problems continue with those impositions for the Tokyo 2020 Games. Other nations found guilty of violating doping rules through retrospective analysis of samples will be sanctioned with the loss of quota places according to the Olympic Qualification System for the Tokyo 2020 Games in accordance with the policy for the effective fight against doping.

The IWF looks forward to providing all the clarifications requested by the IOC in this regard as its members continue to be immersed in the reform and governance process and new leadership of the world weightlifting in line with the objectives suggested by the IOC.