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IWF Statement Regarding the Reduction of Weightlifting Quota Places at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games

“Clean weightlifters continue to pay a woefully heavy price for inadequate governance and for those — from a relatively limited number of countries — who tried to take shortcuts to success at London 2012 and Beijing 2008.

Thanks to help from independent experts like our partners at the ITA, we have already reformed the IWF’s anti-doping practices. And thanks to the help of independent experts, we are now reforming the IWF’s governance.

I believe we can meet the IOC’s criteria for remaining on the Paris 2024 Olympic programme and even reach the point where we restore Olympic weightlifting opportunities for a new generation of clean weightlifters. We have already embarked on a journey towards radical governance reform. But we must be under no illusion about the scope and scale of change required.”