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China’s National Weightlifting Championships

China’s National Weightlifting Championships have successfully concluded, with its 4-day competitions for women finished on Oct 19th in Shaoyang City, Hunan Province and 4-day’s competitions for men finished on Oct 25th in Kaihua City, Zhejiang Province. CHINADA has conducted a total of 165 tests including 14 blood tests for the above Championships, with 83 for women and 82 for men respectively.

Opening Ceremony of China’s National Weightlifting Championships for Men

A total of 482 lifters competed in China’s National Weightlifting Championships, with 207 female lifters and 275 male lifters from all over china. There are a total of 66 times of National Records breaking, with 3 times of them surpassing the World Records in Senior Women’s Snatch, once surpassing the World Records in Senior Men’s Snatch and 2 times surpassing the World Records in Senior Men’s C&J. Mr. GOU Zhongwen, China’s Sport Minister and President of Chinese Olympic Committee attended the Championships and presented medals. He highly praised the event organization led by Mr. ZHOU Jinqiang, President of Chinese Weightlifting Association and the competition level of the Championships.

Mr. ZHOU Jinqiang, President of Chinese Weightlifting Association presenting medals to Mr. LYU Xiaojun, Olympic Champion and World Record Holder

“The organization of our National Championships is to fulfill the needs and desire of the Chinese lifters to compete after 10 months due to the impact of COVID-19, and all the lifters are very excited in the competitions after such a long period.” Mr. ZHOU commented in an interview after the Championships, “The National Championships are also served as simulation competitions of Tokyo Olympic Games for the Chinese National Team. Some athletes made excellence performances while some other not considering the pressure they were under. Nonetheless, this is very enlightening and will be of help for our National Team to make more individualized training plan for the upcoming Tokyo Games. ”

Source: Chinese Weightlifting Association