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Statement of the IWF Executive Board October 14, 2020

Following the IOC Executive Board meeting and IOC President’s expressing strong concerns, especially the progress regarding the Governance and Constitutional changes, the IWF Executive Board at its recent emergency meeting of 13 October thoroughly discussed the situation, focusing on the issues raised by the IOC as well as some of the recommendations detailed in the independent investigation led my Professor Richard McLaren.

The IWF EB is firmly committed to further progress on all fronts and decided the following immediate actions in order to demonstrate its determination and deliver governance reforms, including appointments of independent advisers.

1          Approved the independent members of the Ethics and Disciplinary Commission
2          Approved the independent members of the Reform and Governance Commission

In both Commissions we have members who are independent experts and professional persons.

Having concluded the appointment process and the elaboration of their Terms of Reference, both Commissions are to start their activity immediately. One of the key focus of the Reform and Governance Commission is to modernise and strengthen the IWF Constitution and By-Laws applying good governance principles ahead of the IWF elections in March 2021.

The strong concerns of the IOC regarding the governance reforms, and the perceived lack of progress, are also the immediate concern of the EB.

During the meeting the EB decided to revoke the appointment of Ursula Papandrea as Acting Interim President. The EB thanks Ms. Papandrea for her contribution in the last few months and counts on her continued support as Vice President.

According to the IWF Constitution & By-Laws, By-Law to, point 14, the 1st Vice President automatically fulfils the President’s functions in case of vacancy. Consequently, Major General Intarat Yodbangtoey chaired the meeting and in order to speed up the governance reforms, he will call the IWF Constitution Reform and Electoral Congress for the end of March 2021 immediately.

The IWF Executive Board will meet again in a very short time to consider the position of Interim President.

The EB also selected Mr. Sam Coffa (AUS) as EB member to fill the vacancy on the Executive Board.

Regarding the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Qualification System, the EB confirmed its commitment to the original principles of the Qualification System, including the eligibility criteria and strong Anti-Doping elements praised by the IOC. These must be maintained. However, discussions will be opened with the IOC to find solutions to mitigate the effects of COVID-19, the cancellation of Qualification Events and the possibility that competitions might not restart or be held in full before the end of the Qualification period.