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Statement of the IWF Acting President

To all of the weightlifting athletes and federations in our international community,

None of us is completely surprised by the announcement that the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo will be postponed. Out of an abundance of caution and concern first and foremost for the priority of life and health of the world, the IOC has consulted with many including WHO and listened to the voice of the athletes to make the best decision for all Olympic athletes and delegations.

With this decision, the work continues with the planning for a new for Tokyo Games and all logistics that accompany such a task. Of course, this is a prudent decision but still heartbreaking and stressful for all of the athletes who have worked so hard to achieve their dream in Tokyo 2020. The work in your part will thusly continue.

For the members of the IWF Executive Board and Secretariat, it means our work continues. We will continue to work with the IOC in the current ongoing processes that have already been affected by COVID-19. Your patience is appreciated as we wade through what we do know and to deliberate on the unknowns. Our intent as always is to make the best decisions for our athletes and member federations. Not all decisions will please everyone, but with all sincerity, we aim to make the most prudent decisions for all of us.

We wish to acknowledge our friends who have diligently worked on Tokyo 2020. They have also anticipated this event and are also stressed by the situation as our hosts, the people of Japan.

We are all impacted internationally by this global pandemic.  The decision to postpone the Tokyo Games 2020 is another example of how serious we must take this outbreak and how important it is to all take precautions to safeguard ourselves, the ones we love, and the entire world around us.

Now is the time to exhibit the strength and resilience every weightlifter possesses.

Warmest regards for all,

Ursula Garza Papandrea

IWF Acting President