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Czech and Norwegian visit at IWF

Delegates of the Czech and Norwegian Weightlifting Federations visited the IWF Secretariat’s office in Budapest this week and sit together with Dr Tamas Ajan and Attila Adamfi to talk about ways of co-operation between the IWF and the National Federations.

Ladislav Pastor, Petr Krol, Attila Adamfi, Dr Tamas Ajan

Petr Krol, IWF Vice President and Czech Weightlifting Federation President accompanied by his right-hand man Ladislav Pasztor, National Coach and  CWE Head of the International Committee reported on current matters of the federation, and exchanged ideas about the upcoming national-level events, Junior World Championships and Tokyo 2020.

“We had several important topics to talk about: we gave an update to Dr Ajan on several matters including our plans with the Visegrad 4.”

“As a Membership Commission member, I received useful information from the Secretariat that helps me prepare for the next Commission meeting.”

Stian Grimseth, Petr Krol and Dr Tamas Ajan

Stian Grimseth, President of the Norwegian Weightlifting Federation and IWF Marketing Commission member joined the three gentlemen on the second day of the meetings.

“Norway has a great new generation of Youth and Junior weightlifters. We do our best to grow our sport in the country and organise more competitions in the future.”

“We are planning to organize a World Championships in 2025 or 2026 and seek our governments support to do so.”

“Norwegian weightlifting is continuously improving, and the IWF Development Program has an important role in this. In the framework of the program, we can train more and better-educated coaches.”

“We have a whole new coaching program. Zygmunt Smalcerz, legendary Olympic champion recently joined us to help with the training of the national team” – summed up the meeting Mr Grimseth.