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The IWF celebrated 7 years of partnership with Zhen-Ao

At the end of the year 2019, the Zhen-Ao Group invited Dr Tamas Ajan, IWF President for a gala in Tianjin, China, to celebrate 7 years of partnership between the IWF and the Chinese health supplements manufacturer.

Zhen-Ao is among the world’s leading Ribonucleic acid (RNA) manufacturers with over 35 years of industry experience, lining up over 400 products in 9 categories. Established in 1996, Zhen-Ao Group adheres to the “Focus on life sciences; benefits in human health” as the entrepreneurial principle.

Their co-operation with IWF started in 2012, after Zhen-Ao products have passed the relevant tests at the Center of Preventive Doping Research of the German Sport University Cologne.

“In the past seven years, a new chapter has been written in the fields of sports, nutrition and health. From strict Anti-Doping rules and anti contraband products to active advocacy of health nutrition to promote the development of sports, the International Weightlifting Federation has not only introduced important changes in weightlifting, but also became an important driving force affecting the concept and practice of public health nutrition.”

“I believe that Zhen-Ao’s health products can not only provide health protection for weightlifters who refuse doping, but also serve more sports fields, and provide more comprehensive choices and greater contributions for competitors in next year’s Tokyo Olympic Games,” said Mr Chen Yuqi, the Chairman and CEO of Zhen-Ao Group and Vice President of China Nutrition and Health Food Association in his speech at the gala.

Dr Ajan expressed a high degree of affirmation to the cooperation between the two sides and high expectation for the future.

The IWF President received a gift of appreciation from Mr Chen, while Dr Ajan awarded Zhan-Ao with the plaque of “International Weightlifting Federation Global Excellent Partner”.

The two organization will continue the partnership, hoping for many more successful years.