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2019 IWF World Cup in Tianjin concluded with glory for the home team

The 2019 ‘Shengxin’ IWF World Cup, a Silver Level Qualification event for Tokyo 2020 was successfully declared on the 12th of December with towering success for China over the other 19 participating countries.

After the highly successful World Cup in Fuzhou, China delivered the second of such event within one year. This time Tianjin, “The Diamond of the Bohai Gulf” welcomed all participants. Thanks to the leadership and organizing of Mr Zhou Jinqiang, CWA President, the audience witnessed another highly enjoyable event, where 60 women and 52 men competed for great money prizes and to improve their chances for the Olympic Games next year.

Shi Zhiyong (Photo: Chinadaily/Xinhua)

Team China piled up 29 gold, 23 silver and 7 bronze medals altogether, topping the medal table by far at both genders. At the women, PRK was second (9,7,2) and AUS came in third (3,0,0).

Second on the men’s medal table was KOR (6,1,5) and BOT followed (3,0,0).

Two Chinese athletes broke World Records on this occasion. DENG Wei swept the women’s 64kg bodyweight category winning all the gold medals and setting the Snatch record at 117kg. In the men’s  73kg, SHI Zhiyong excelled and the new Clean and Jerk record is 198kg.

Fiji born CIKAMATANA Eileen, who recently started to lift under Australian flag set up two new Junior World Records in the women’s 81kg bodyweight category: Clean and Jerk 150kg and Total 260kg.

Dr Tamas Ajan, IWF President, Mr Mohammed Jalood and members of the IWF Executive Board were also present at the event.

To commemorate the seven-year anniversary of cooperation between the IWF and the Zhen-Ao group, an official sponsor for the federation, a meeting was held where Dr Ajan received a keepsake of appreciation.

Zhen-Ao, is a fast-growing company in the health industry developing nucleic acid products and targets to provide health protection for weightlifters who refuse doping.

Tokyo 2020 delegation led by Ms. Reiko Chinen with IWF Technical Delegates visited the ZKC factory to coordinate and supervise the production of the ZKC Olympic sport equipment.