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Christine Girard was induced into Canadian Olympic Hall of Fame

Christine Girard was the first Canadian female weightlifter to win Olympic medals – a bronze in 2008 in Beijing and she is the Champion of the 2012 London Olympic Games.

Christine originally ranked fourth in Beijing and third in London, but her results were updated, and she finally received two Olympic medals on an awarding ceremony last year in Ottawa.

“I got those medals in the name of all Canadians,” she said. “It was a win for the values of our country and for clean sport. There are things like endorsements and financial support that I’ll never get back. But my medals have a bigger meaning. Now there are other countries that believe there’s a better way to do this sport. I think we’re proud to be from a clean country and we believe in drug-free sport. “

The 34-year-old retired athlete is a true role model for women in weightlifting, she enters the Canadian Hall of Fame well deserved. Not only for her exceptional achievements for her country but also for her dedication to promoting clean sport and gender equality in weightlifting and all territories of life.

“I like to see little girls doing sports that were once thought of to be for boys only,” she said. “You can wear pink if you’re a boy. You can lift weights if you’re a girl. It’s whatever works for you, as long as you follow what you’re passionate about.”

“My story is proof that it is worth everything to work hard, to believe in yourself and, most of all, to stay true to your values and your passions. Dreams are within reach when you work hard every day of your life and you allow yourself to believe.”

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