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She went up two bodyweight categories and won

WANG Zhouyu (CHN) was Champion of the 76kg category last year, now jumped in the 87kg’s competition and won all the Gold Medals easily.

Only KIM Un Ju (PRK) could keep up with her but was left 5kg behind in the Snatch by the Chinese who lifted 120kg. PEREZ REVERON Naryury Alexandra (VEN) earned the Bronze with 110kg.

In the Clean and Jerk, WANG gained a further 4kg advantage and clinched this Gold with 158kg. KIM managed 154kg and Bronze Medallist SALAZAR ARCE Tamara Yajaira (ECU) performed 144kg.

The same trio stood on the podium for their Total results: WANG (278kg), KIM (269kg), SALAZAR (252kg).