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Dethroning in women’s 81kg

The multiple Olympic and World Champion VALENTIN PEREZ Lidia could not defend her title in the women’s 81kg at the World Championships in Pattaya, where she was defeated by Columbian SOLIS ARBOLEDA Leidy Yessenia, not only in the first lift but in Total as well. In the Snatch, they were both left behind by the rest of the field, VALENTIN was fifth with 108kg and SOLIS was ninth with 105kg.

The Gold Medal of the Snatch went to the winner of the B group, LEE Jieun (KOR) for lifting 111kg, booking a good lift before her compatriot KIM Suhyeon, who performed the same as her and Mongolian MUNKHJANTSAN Ankhtsetseg.

In the Clean and Jerk, KIM bombed out, LEE was tenth and MUNKHJANTSAN was ninth, so they could not step on the podiums. SOLIS secured the Gold Medal with her third lift, ARTHUR Jenny Lyvette (USA) won the Silver with 139kg and VALENTIN grasped the Bronze with 138kg.

The final ranking of the Total shows how tight this competition was, with only 5kg difference between the first and fifth place. SOLIS clinched the World Champion title with 247kg, followed by VALENTIN (246kg) and ARTHUR (245kg).

Belarus NAUMAVA Darya only missed the podium with a notch with 244kg and with 242kg, Venezuelan CHIRINOS LEON Dayana Aracelis was fifth.