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Double victory for the USA in W71!

It is the first time in 40 years, that two women stood on the podium on a World Championships!

NYE Katherina Elizabeth and ROGERS Martha Ann wrote their names in the history books in the women’s 71kg competition on the sixth day of the WWC in Pattaya.

NYE swiped all three gold medals and ROGERS earned two Silver and a Bronze Medal, adding them to her collection of 4 other medals from World Championships. The only 20-years-old NYE is the youngest American woman to become a World Champion in the sport of weightlifting.

NYE, who won the Junior World Championships this year in Fiji, started with a failed attempt but came back to lift 107kg and 112kg, which did not only earn her the Gold in the Snatch but is also a Junior World Record. ROGERS finished at 106kg and between the two Americans, KIM Hyo Sim (PRK) with 110kg.

In the Clean and Jerk, KIM who suffered from a leg injury got stuck at 120kg and the 6th place, but clinged the Bronze Medal in Total with 230kg. The two Americans fought their own battle for the first place, and NYE won again, who could manage 136kg while ROGERS got the Silver with 134kg.

GODLEY Emily Victoria (UK) took home the Bronze Medal of the Clean and Jerk. British weightlifter did not stand on the podium for 25 years before!