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DENG Wei took it all with World Records

DENG Wei broke the World Records five times and defended her World Champion title in the women’s 64kg bodyweight category. The 26-years-old Chinese, who already held the World Records in both lifts and in Total when she arrived in Pattaya, performed 3 excellent lifts in the Snatch and ended her lifts with improving her best from 115kg to 116kg.

The Olympic Champion in 2016 DENG didn’t settle for less in the Clean and Jerk either: with her second attempt she improved her World Record to 143kg than proceeded to 145kg. With these results, she also broke the Total record, settling it at 261kg. Now she owns 14 Worlds medals.

RIM Un Sim (PRK) finished behind her and collected all three Silver Medals (114, 137, 251), while the Snatch and Total Bronze Medals went to TOMA Roledana-Elena (112, 240). In the Clean and Jerk, Columbian PEREZ TIGRERO Mercedes Isabel (132) finished.

The 17-years-old FAYZULLAEVA Kumushkhon (UZB) set new Youth World Records in the Snatch, the Clean and Jerk and Total (97, 124, 221).