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Overwhelming victory by SHI

The five-times World Champion Chinese athlete, SHI Zhiyong achieved an overwhelming victory in the men’s 73kg bodyweight category on the fourth day of the IWF World Championships in Pattaya.

The 25-year-old only came out for his first attempt in the Snatch when the other participants were done. He finished at 166kg, 2kg under his personal best and gained 9kg advantage over his competitors. Silver Medal went to the Bulgarian lifter, ANDREEV Bozhidar Dimitrov with 157kg followed by Albanian CALJA Briken.

The one man show continued in the Clean and Jerk, performed by SHI who cleaned 197kg at his second attempt, improving his own World Record to 197kg and his Total Record to 363kg. In this lift, North Korean O Kang Chol took the Silver Medal with 193kg, just as the Total second place with 347kg. ANDREEV, after a strong start in the Snatch, achieved Bronze Medals in the Clean and Jerk and the Total.