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Chinese success with World Records

Chinese winners were announced in the women’s 49kg bodyweight category at the World Championships in Thailand on Thursday: HOU Zhiu won the Snatch and JIANG Huihua won in Total.

In the first lift, HOU completed 94kg first, clinching the Gold Medal from JIANG who had the same result. The Bronze Medal both in the Snatch and Total went to PRK lifter, RI song Gum.  It shows the strength of the field, that 2017 World Champion MIRAGAI Chanu Saikhom (INA) could not achieve a medal.

The 17-year-old AISAH Windy’s performance should be highlighted too, who bested her own Youth World Record from 81kg to 82kg, than her Clean and Jerk record to 100kg, and the Total to 182kg.

The battle of the Chinese continued in the Clean and Jerk and Bronze Medallist last year, JIANG ended up gaining the upper hand. First, HOU set a new World Record in Total after cleaning 117kg. This only lasted a couple of minutes, as JIANG managed 118kg, setting the World Record at 212kg in this bodyweight category.