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OM Yun Chol is World Champion for the fifth time!

The London Olympic Gold and Rio Olympic Silver medallist North Korean lifter performed 128kg in the Snatch, gaining 8kg advance over his closest competitors. In the Clean and Jerk, he put even more distance between himself and the field and did not only win gold for this lift but easily won the Total as well.

OM secured 155kg then proceeded to 163kg, which would have been a new World Record. He held the previous one too with 162kg. He failed this lift, but at the third attempt, he went even higher, to 166kg. This time, he performed a good lift and set the World Record not only in the Clean and Jerk but in Total as well, modifying the World Standard from 293kg to 294kg.

Behind him in second place was Vietnamese NGUYEN Tran Anh Tuan with 120kg and bronze medallist SON Igor (KAZ) with the same result.

Iranian GHASHGHAEI Hafez came in second in the Clean and Jerk with 149kg. Iran did not have a medal in the lightest men’s bodyweight category since legendary lifter in the 60’s, Mohammad Nassiri. The bronze in this lift went to AL SALEEM Mansour Abdulrahim M (KSA). Thanks to his 147kg Total result, he was third in Total too with 265kg, while SON Igor received the bronze medal in Total.