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2019 IWF World Championships opens in Pattaya

The 2019 IWF World Championships opened in Pattaya today with an Opening Ceremony which showcased the best of Thailand’s rich culture.

The Ceremony began with a video which took the audience on a journey across the beautiful resort of Pattaya and the surrounding region. It was followed by a drum and wind instrument musical performance before IWF President Tamas Ajan and TAWA President Madam Boossaba Yodbangtoey addressed the audience alongside the Mayor of Pattaya.

IWF President Ajan said:

“This is a very special occasion. We are very grateful and happy that TAWA has invited the weightlifting family for these World Championships. This is a very important event: 100 countries with more than 600 competitors from all five continents from the world are here. I thank TAWA and the Executive Board members who are here and we are ready to celebrate a fantastic competition.”

The IWF President officially declared the World Championships open which was the cue for the flag parade of the 100 participating nations. The host country’s flag was raised to the Thai national anthem.

The final act of an engaging ceremony was a traditional Thai drum performance.

The World Championships will run until the 27 September.