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IWF Committee meetings were held in Pattaya

The IWF Committees held their meetings prior to the 2019 IWF World Championships in Pattaya, Thailand.

Matters of common interest were raised at the Joint Meeting before they split to their relevant groups. The need for discussions on the situation of transgender athletes was brought to attention by Medical Committee Chairman Dr Michael Irani.

Joint Meeting

The Coaching and Research Committee discussed several topics on its meeting in Pattaya. The members agreed to set further conditions regarding the IWF Coaching Courses. Next steps of the coaching accreditation process were reviewed such as using the Athlete Support Personnel Database to create the IWF Coaching Database.

The attendees listened to the scientific report of Japan which consisted of many analysis done at the Junior World Championships in Fiji in 2019. In this regard, the guidelines for publishing scientific articles on the IWF website were examined. The members will work on the standards of the IWF Weightlifting Academy that will be shared afterward.

Coaching and Research Committee

The Medical Committee had important and urgent topics on their agenda, such as: The current and future situation on the Transgender issue, Injury surveillance, and the Medical aspects of Anti-Doping. Furthermore, several research projects were presented by the Medical Committee Members such as the Hip-Waist-Girth Ratio, IWF Early Specialization/Injuries in Weightlifting, Hip Screening Protocol Using Ultrasound and Physical Examination and Result in Different Age and Capacity of Weightlifters In-Competition, and Health Promotion by International Olympic Sport Federations.

The Meeting had a special guest, Ms. Seza Tchobanian Medical Committee Chairman of the Asian Weightlifting Federation, who presented the work of the AWF Medical Committee. In addition the Local Organizing Committee and IWF Medical Committee Member Dr. Parameth Ladpli gave a comprehensive presentation regarding medical information of the IWF World Championships.

Medical Committee members

The Technical Committee discussed the experiences so far with the new Video Playback Technology (VPT), which was first put to use at the 2019 Youth World Championships in Las Vegas, USA. The TC agreed to issue some changes in camera positioning and the use of the system.

The TC also voted some minor changes in the TCRR and the Technical Officials Guide Book. The updated versions will be published on soon.

Technical Committee Members