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Weightlifting Course for soldiers in Chile

The Chilean Weightlifting Federation organized a special weightlifting course in order to popularize the sport in the country in the framework of the IWF Development Program.

The soldiers of the 21st Regiment of the city of Coquimbo, Chile learned theoretical and practical weightlifting lessons from Professor Luis Pizzaro, who is an experienced coach of international athletes and has several international level achievements as an athlete between the 80s and 90s.

More than 50 soldiers took this unique chance to know more about weightlifting.

The course was divided into two parts. First, the audience learned about the theory of weightlifting, where the sport, the movements, some training systems and the competition flow was introduced to them.

The second part was practical, where the participants enthusiastically showed off their skills with the barbell. The soldiers were shown how to execute the starting and ending movements under the supervision and guidance of the lecturer of the course.

Once the course was over, the Federation handed out a certificate to everyone and Professor Pizzarro encouraged the participants to continue learning about weightlifting.

“We are highly satisfied with this course as we are trying to present weightlifting to armed forces as a good exercise for soldiers for quite some time. This event was highly valuable to us, as the Sports Ministry recently announced that they are working on a project to integrate high-performance sports in the training of armed forces,” said Mr Juan Carlos Aburto E., President of the Chilean Weightlifting Federation.