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Olympic Solidarity course in Timor Leste

An Olympic Solidarity course was held in Dili, Timor Leste 5-10 August.

IWF Coaching and Research Committee Member, Aveenash Pandoo was the lecturer of the Level 1 course, dedicated to beginners.

25 coaches, 22 men and 3 women attended.

“The coaches present were mostly former athletes and were involved in some sort of weight training before, displayed a fair level on the technical aspect of the sport of Weightlifting, but the Theoretical and Education aspect of the sport was seriously lacking.”

“The Coaches were tested every morning about the previous day lectures, and I must say it was of a satisfactory standard.”

“In the end I was glad that they had a better understanding of the sport, more scientific base and develop a new paradigm shift as they move forward.”

“Among the coaches in the group there were a few that were earmarked for a possible furthering of their studies in coaching and could use the IWF Development Program to do so,” said Mr Pandoo.

The topics included modules of IWF official coaching manual level 1, coaching principles and roles of the coach, technical determination for Snatch and Clean and Jerk with explanatory videos, periodisation, nutrition and IWF Anti-Doping program.

“I would like to thank the Weightlifting Federation of Timor Leste and the NOC for their support during the course despite the limited resources. They were very welcoming and showed willingness to learn.”

“A good basic was laid at the course and there are a lot of talent among the coaches that need to be developed and further polished,” added Mr Pandoo.