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Coaching Seminar in Kenya

The Kenya Amateur Weightlifting Association, on behalf of Eastern and Central Africa Weightlifting, organized a Coaching Seminar in the framework of the IWF Development program in Nairobi, Kenya in July.

Coaches of seven countries, Kenya, Uganda, DRC Congo, Zanzibar, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi attended the second regional weightlifting coaching education seminar in Kenya.

Dr Kyle Pierce, IWF Coaching and Research Committee member was the lecturer of the 5-day event, who gave tuition about important topics for coaches, such as lifting techniques, developing training programs, recovery techniques and working with youth athletes and beginners.

A presentation was made on several existing theories describing what makes certain countries successful in certain sports. This presentation was followed by a group discussion on how specific contributing elements of this success could be modified to fit each country’s individual needs. The characteristics of those countries successful in Weightlifting was also discussed with the notion that the total system must be considered and that attempts to implement any of these features must be modified based on existing conditions and available resources.

“The hospitality provided by the hosts, as it has been before, was outstanding. Lodging, meals, and transportation from and to the airport was excellent. The participants were cordial, attentive, and enthusiastic.”

“An outstanding job is being done by the leadership in Kenya to organize and develop the region of Eastern and Central Africa,” said Dr Pierce.