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Coaching Seminar in Azerbaijan

A Coaching Seminar was organised on July 22-24 2019 in the Weightlifting Academy of Shuvalanyi, Azerbaijan, in the framework of the IWF Development Program 2019, by the Azerbaijan Weightlifting Federation (AAAF).

The seminar where Colin Buckley (Ireland) and Eduards Andruskevics (Latvia) were the speakers, was attended by about 30 coaches from different regions of Azerbaijan.

During the three-day-long seminar, practical and theoretical issues were discussed “Coaching the Next Generation” and video analysis was shown to the participants, on which classical exercises were performed by German athletes, tracked the training process of the national team.

In addition, a report was presented about coaching innovations in the weightlifting world. Many questions were answered during the lectures, local coaches and guest lecturers voiced their opinion.

General Secretary of the Azerbaijan Weightlifting Federation (AAAF) Rizvan Rasulov, commented on the coaching seminar: “Every year the IWF gives the opportunity to its Member Federations to get funding for courses and activities through the IWF Development Program, in order to help the countries educate their coaches and athletes on a higher level. The AAAF decided to take the opportunity, and our application to organize this seminar was supported by IWF.”

“We wanted to take advantage of the knowledge and skills of experienced professionals such as Colin Buckley and Eduards Andruskevics and it turned out to be the right decision.”

“It was a very effective seminar. Coaching seminars in weightlifting are held on 3 levels – for beginners, coaches with some experience and high-level coaches. We decided not to separate them and managed to hold a seminar where coaches of all experience level could improve their skills and knowledge.”

“These seminars are very important to develop weightlifting in our country and we are grateful to IWF for the opportunity. Azerbaijan Weightlifting Federation intends to work closely with the International and European Weightlifting Federations to ensure the constant improvement of Azerbaijan weightlifting.”