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Meeting on weightliftings status in TTO

A meeting was held to clarify the status of weightlifting in Trinidad and Tobago on 30 July, Lima, Peru, as two Federations exists in TTO, one recognised by the TTO NOC and one recognised by the IWF.

The participants, including Brian Lewis, President, Anette Knott, Generat Secretary, representing TTO NOC, Dr. Tamas Ajan, President, Jose Quinones, Vice President, Attila Adamfi, Director General representing IWF and Laura Denise Ramsay Overall, President representing TTOWF agreed that there are merits in both Federations that shall be saved and used for the future, however, the two existing organizations shall be merged into one Interim Body recognised by both TTO NOC and IWF, by 1 November 2019.

As a common objective, they agreed to develop weightlifting in TTO, providing wider opportunities for athletes’ participation and youth development, to fully utilise all development possibilities (Olympic Solidarity, IWF Development Program, etc.) for the sport and to create a Roadmap accepted by all Parties focusing on the future.

Trinidad and Tobago’s IWF country code was changed from TRI to TTO.