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Unique IWF Seminar on Mental Training in Uruguay

The Uruguay Weightlifting Federation organized a Mental Training Seminar in Weightlifting in Montevideo, Uruguay thanks to the IWF Development Program. The Federation invited Mr. Jorge Espana, President of Bolivian Weightlifting Federation and a specialist of the subject, to act as the lecturer. There were 25 participants from all around Uruguay. The audience was extremely enthusiastic to learn about mental coaching techniques for weightlifters. The participating coaches were very active eager to be given some new tools that may help improving the coaching of lifters, their mental condition, recovery and, ultimately, their performance. Special emphasis was laid on the role played by the coach on his or her athletes.

“The conditions granted for the Seminar were excellent, especially due to the facilities available, and I appreciate the hospitality of the Uruguayan Weightlifting Federation,” commented his experiences Mr. Espana.

“This seminar had great importance since such content had never been developed in the country and therefore the knowledge of the athletes and coaches was limited. The presentations by Mr. Espana were excellent unfolding all the content in a masterful way and being able to make difficult subjects be understood easily thanks to his communication skills,”  the President of Uruguay Weightlifting Federation, Mr. Julio Lezama shared his opinion after the Seminar.