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Successful Administration and Management Seminar in Bolivia

An Administration and Management Seminar was held in the framework of IWF Development Program in Santa Cruz, Bolivia 4-7 July 2019.

Mr Phil Andrews, CEO of USA Weightlifting was the expert of the seminar and presented about many intriguing topics to the audience, such as sports management, administration, promotion, management of economic resources, prevention and education in the fight against doping and fight against sexual harassment.

It was a transmission of knowledge and experiences with much intervention of the audience on the problems referred to all the aspects indicated and consequently a strong need to reinforce the knowledge with practice and work.

Approximately 20 coaches, technical officials and administrators submitted questions and answers, working on areas such as good governance, Anti-Doping, protection of athletes, emergence and support of Women’s Weightlifting, recruitment and development of athletes, and specific issues in Bolivia related to Government funding and how the Federation might be successful in the face of those challenges.

During the course of the Seminar, the participants attended the Bolivian National Championships, which was organized to a high standard and featured promising local athletes.

“Thank you to the IWF and Bolivian Weightlifting Federation for the opportunity to assist to develop the sport in the region. There are some clear signs of hope of development for Weightlifting in the nation of Bolivia. There are some growing teams, emerging coaches and a willingness to change the way of thinking in the face of funding challenges.”

“It’s clear that there is a desire, and sporting ability, for Bolivia to rise in the rankings as a nation,” Mr Andrews summed up his experiences.