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IWF Coaching Seminar and Open Events in the Czech Republic

The Czech Weightlifting Federation organized a Coaching Seminar within the framework of the IWF Development Program at the Masaryk University in Brno,  28 -30 June 2019.

On the same day, unique three-days event called CZECH WEIGHTLIFTING OPEN(CWO) 2019 also started.

Friday was dedicated to the IWF Coaching Seminar. The lectures mainly focused on the fields of training methods and nutrition. Later that day, an Anti-Doping Seminar was held by IWF Legal Counsel Ms. Lilla Sági about whereabouts submission, TUE applications, and the iLiftClean Platform.

Also, on the first day, a special event was organized solely for university students, where amateur athletes had the opportunity to compete with professional weightlifters.

On the second and third day, a Conference was held, debating the topics of sports training and nutrition in strength sports, welcoming everyone who were not only interested in the competition but the scientific parts of the sport too.

Both the Conference and competitions were organized by the Czech weightlifting Federation in partnership with the Faculty of Sports Studies on the Masaryk University.

Among the forty participants of the IWF Coaching Seminar there were weightlifting coaches, conditioning coaches, and academics as well.

Ninety lifters competed in the CWO 2019 and another twenty attended the Conference.

The IWF welcomed the initiative and hopes that the Czech Weightlifting Federation will continue its hard work to teach coaches and raise new generation of lifters with different training methods and nutrition to develop the sport of weightlifting in the Czech Republic.