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IWF collaboration with the UWW

United World Wrestling is organizing a series of cadet training camps named ‘More than Medals’ for their young wrestlers.

As weightlifting is a core sport and is known as one of the important modules in Strength & Conditioning training for all sports, UWW has contacted IWF to assist them in their project. In the past years, the two Federations worked together in some projects already.


At this time, in the framework of ‘More than Medals America UWW’ organized a camp in Mexico at the headquarters of the Mexican Olympic Committee. Totally 50 athletes and 17 coaches from 12 countries participated. Mr. Aureliano Jorge Huie Molinet from Mexico delivered the presentations for the young athletes, which included a theoretical class about weightlifting and the importance of strength training. The coach showed the Olympic weightlifting movements without weights since the participating young athletes were close to a competition.

Due to the corrections shown by Mr. Huie Molinet the kids’ technique greatly improved. The coaches were also very enthusiastic as in the end, they asked for the advice and the contact of the expert.

The final outcome was very positive and both the UWW and IWF hope to continue working together.