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DJURAEV is Junior World Champion!

DJURAEV Akbar took home three gold medals in the men’s 109kg bodyweight category competition in Suva, Fiji. The 19-year-old Uzbek did not miss a lift, although, he didn’t come out for his third Clean and Jerk attempt, as he already won the Junior World Champion title. With 182kg in the Snatch, 216kg in the Clean and Jerk and 398kg Total, he had a 14kg advantage over second finisher HWANG Sangun (KOR).

DJURAEV also recently clinched a silver medal at these years Asian Championships.

The Korean lifter was fourth in the Snatch but worked his way up to the second place in the Clean and Jerk with a 210kg lift, missing his last attempt at 215kg.

Russian VAGAITSEV Daniil was overall third, making up his final score of 381kg of a 175kg Snatch, picking up a silver medal in this lift, and a 206kg Clean and Jerk (bronze).