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ANDREWS won the first ever Junior World Championships gold medal for NZ

MAHMOUD Rania Mohamed Ezzat won the day’s second overall gold for Egypt in the women’s 76kg bodyweight category, with a 97kg Snatch and 122kg Clean and Jerk. MAHMOUD has a history of winning every single international competition she participated in so far, most recently the African Championships in the 71kg category.

ANDREWS-NAHU Kanah Shenelle pinched the Snatch gold from ALI, which is a historical medal for New Zealand, the first-ever on a Junior World Championships (98kg). She also got the overall bronze medal, with a Total result of 212kg.

“I feel amazing. I was very happy, then I got really emotional and started to cry. (…) I felt under less pressure because I trusted my coaches, I was able to absorb everything in the moment, ” said ANDREWS with a big smile on her face.

NARIN Dilara (TUR) finished second (217kg), which is the second World medal for her within a couple of months, she won the gold medal at the IWF Youth World Championships in Las Vegas and was second at the Buenos Aires Youth Olympic Games.