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SUHAREVS clinched the gold medal from SOLIS in men’s 81kg

Third, at this year’s European Championship, Litvanian SUHAREVS Ritvas and Columbian SOLIS ARBOLEDA Juan Felipe battled for the gold medal of the men’s 81kg category at the first A session of day four of the Junior World Championships in Suva.

SUHAREVS  lifted 1kg more in the Snatch (156kg) and they had the same result in the Clean and Jerk (195kg), but SOLIS being the first to clean and SUHAREVS failing his last attempt at 198kg, the Columbian picked up this gold medal.

In the end, SUHAREVS totalled 351kg, while SOLIS 350kg.

“I am disappointed in the Snatch because I am better than that, my best result is 162kg. I don’t know what happened today but could not lift 161kg. (…) My coach is happy with my result anyway, and if my coach is happy, I am happy too.” – said SUHAREVS after the competition.

All three bronze medals went to 2018 Junior World Championships silver medallist SOLTANI Hossein (IRI).