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The audiance exploded with cheer when OPELOGE won the M89kg

The venue filled with loud cheering when OPELOGE Don (SAM), niece of the Samoan legend Elle Opeloge, the only Olympic silver medallist of the country, successfully finished his last lift and won the men’s 89kg session.

The OPELOGE family is truly bound to the sport, there are seven OPELOGES with international results.

In the Snatch, he failed his first two lifts and ended up in the sixth place, but with 3 successful Clean and Jerks, finishing at 198kg, he cut ahead to the first overall place (349kg).

The 20-year-old Don was second at 85kg in the Commonwealth Games last year and has been rewarded for years of hard work under coach Jerry Wallwork.

HOSSEINI Mohammad (IRI) only missed the first place with one kilogram behind OPELOGE, while Polish ADAMUS Bartlomiej Stefan finished second with a 346kg Total result.

Armenian HOSSEINI Mohammad could only successfully finish his first lift in Clean and Jerk, 155kg, which was enough for him to win the Bronze medal in this lift.