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CUMMINGS is four-time Junior World Champion!

The USA won its first gold medal at the IWF Junior World Championships, CUMMINGS JR Clarence dominated the Men’s 73kg bodyweight category.

In the Snatch, ROBU Marin (MDA) grasped the gold medal from him, as CUMMINGS only managed to complete his first lift at 145kg, while Georgian MALAKMADZE Archil was third runner up with a 142kg result.

Clean and Jerk being widely known his strong suit, CUMMINGS only came out to lift when everyone else finished all their attempts. Secured the overall gold with his first lift at 180kg, which was already 5kg more than Clean and Jerk silver medallist, DIMITRASCU Paul  (ROU) booked. He continued his walk of glory with a 192kg lift, which is a new Junior World Record.

In this lift, ROBU took the bronze medal (173kg).

In Total, CUMMINGS lifted 17kg more than ROBU (337 and 320kg). This win made him four-time Junior World Champion in a row (2016-2019), which is a uniquely high achievement for Team USA and universally.

“I am extremely happy and excited for this year’s gold medal as never anyone from the USA had four Junior World Champion titles before. My next competition will be the Junior Pan-American Championships, which I also would like to win and build up my ROBI points to qualify for the Tokyo Olympic Games.”

Turkmen MEREDOV Maksad managed to rise to the third place after being fourth in the Snatch and sixth in the Clean and Jerk (173,139, 312).