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ERGASHEV dominated the men’s 67kg category

In the men’s 67kg bodyweight category, ERGASHEV Adkhamjon (UZB), 61kg Junior World Champion last year won all 3 gold medals in his new bodyweight category. He dominated the field both in the Snatch (141kg) and the Clean and Jerk (173kg), rounding up his final result to 314kg. He did not top his own World Record which he set at 316kg at the Asian Championships in April this year.

“I am very excited to compete in this new bodyweight category and I always try to improve myself. It feels wonderful to be Junior World Champion for the second time in a row and hold World Records both in my old and new category!”

2018 Youth Olympic Champion, Turkish OZBEK Muhammed Furkan followed him on the ranking table, with a large margin in the Snatch. He started at 135kg but only succeeded in lifting it for the third attempt, he picked up the bronze. With a slightly closer result to ERGASHEV’s in the Clean and Jerk, 172kg (307kg Total), he won the overall silver medal.

Russian GARAEV Zulfat clinched the Total bronze medal (300kg) and a silver in the Snatch (137kg), while WEI Yunbar (CHN) overtook him in the Clean and Jerk by two kilograms (163 and 165kg respectively).