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Visit at KMG International by IWF President

Dr Tamas Ajan IWF President paid a visit to the headquarters of KMG International in Bucharest Romania last week upon the invitation of the CEO of the company, Zhanat Tussupbekov who also holds the titles of IWF Vice President, and Marketing Commission Chairman.

A detailed presentation was held about the activities of the company, which is one of Europe’s largest stakeholders in the oil industry with increasing turnover annually.

Dr Ajan and Mr Tussupbekov also used the opportunity to review the co-operation between the IWF and KMG International in the past 3 years and discussed potential cooperation between IWF and KMGI in the future.  The Marketing Commission Chairman and the President also had a fruitful consultation about the potential improvement of the IWF marketing activities.

The two parties had a detailed conversation about the situation of Kazakh weightlifting and the President expressed his satisfaction on the progress the Weightlifting Federation of the Republic of Kazakhstan made in the fight against doping. Kazakh Weightlifting will continue to work towards achieving clean weightlifting in the country by fully aligning itself to the IWFs strict Anti-Doping Policy and programs.