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Olympic Solidarity course in Lesotho

In the framework of the Olympic Solidarity Program, Lesotho Weightlifting Federation together with Lesotho Olympic Committee and the International Weightlifting Federation organized a Technical Course for Coaches in Maseru between 3rd and 8th May 2019.

The expert of the course was Aveenash Pandoo, the IWF Coaching and Research Committee member. 16 participants attended the beginner level program for coaches.

Some of the topics presented: Coaching principles and roles of the coach, Development of Strength, Periodisation, Training Program for beginners and year plan IWF Anti-Doping.

The interest and the general attitude of the participants were good, the coaches who were present were mostly former athletes. The participants were willing and ready to learn more about the sport. As weightlifting is both for men and women, it was important to encourage the women participation, the President of Lesotho Olympic Committee, Ms. Matlohang Moiloa also referred to this matter.

Further development in the country is important as the 2022 African Youth Games to be held in Lesotho.