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Sucessful Anti-Doping and Technical Officials Seminar in Slovakia

An Anti-Doping and Technical Officials Seminar was organized by the Slovakian Weightlifting Federation within the framework of the IWF Development Program between 22-23 May 2019 in Slovakia.

More than 30 participants – coaches, referees and athletes attended this important two days event to listen to both internal and external speakers of anti-doping, the new qualification system, technical rule changes and to share their knowledge to develop weightlifting in Slovakia.

The seminar was opened by Mr. Jan Stefanik, President of the Slovakian Weightlifting Federation.
On the first day of the event, an Anti-Doping Education Seminar was held by IWF Legal Counsel Ms. Lilla Sági. The lecture included the recent changes in the IWF’s Anti-Doping Program with special regards to the IWF-ITA Partnership. Other technical and useful information was given to the participants of the most important Anti-Doping Rules and especially the system of ADAMS.

Also on the first day, a lecture was given by IWF Director General Mr. Attila Adamfi of the new Qualification System for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

On the second day Mr. Adamfi gave a short presentation on the new rules of the IWF Technical Rules & Regulations such as the Video Playback Technology and its first try out experiences from the 2019 IWF Youth World Championships.

At the last session an interactive discussion was held of the practicalities of the applicable tecnhical rule changes led by Mr. Chovanec and Mr. Ikreni from the Slovakian Weightlifting Federation.