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IWF and ITA Sign Anti-Doping Partnership


An agreement between the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) and the International Testing Agency (ITA) was signed earlier today during the SportAccord convention in Gold Coast. The agreement builds on one already signed in November 2018.

Until now, the partnership between the two organisations included detailed risk assessment, test distribution planning and management, out of competition testing, Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) management, and support with regard to the IWF’s education programmes.

In-competition testing, management of the IWF Athlete Biological Passport programme, result management, and long-term storage and re-analysis of samples have now been added.

The partnership is further evidence of the IWF’s clear and considerable commitment to protecting clean athletes and promoting clean sport. It builds on several years of consistent improvements on the part of the IWF and its member federations, achieved with the support of the Clean Sport Commission, the World Anti-Doping Agency, the International Olympic Committee and others.

“The IWF is already widely considered to be at the forefront of anti-doping efforts in sport, thanks to its efforts and innovations in testing, Olympic qualifying, education and more,” said ITA Director General Benjamin Cohen. “We are grateful for the opportunity to add to these efforts and innovations with the ITA’s expertise. I am confident that our partnership will deliver for clean weightlifting all around the world.”

“Ensuring clean competition and a culture of clean sport requires a great team. The IWF is very happy to have the ITA alongside us and enhance our existing partnership” said IWF Director General Attila Adamfi. “The IWF is rightly proud of its efforts to ensure clean sport and we look forward to having the ITA help extend those efforts.”