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World Record sweep at the Asian Championships

The 2019 Asian Championships brought success to the host country, China, which was a Gold Level Qualification event for Tokyo 2020.

The continental championship was hosted by Ningbo and both the women’s and men’s Chinese team took a significant lead in the team classification and on the medal board.

As of the latter, the women collected 28 medals, 15 gold, 11 silver and 2 bronze, followed by PRK (6,6,8), Vietnam (3,2,3), TPE (3,0,0), KOR (2,1,4) and KAZ (1,1,1). Twelve countries won medals out of 20.

At the men’s, the Chinese team kept 26 medals at home (16,8,2), after them, the ranking looks like this: IRI (7,7,3), KOR (3,1,3), KSA (3,0,0), PRK (1,4,5) and UZB (0,4,0).

There could be no complaints about the niveau of the Asian Championships, as 13 women’s and 6 men’s new World Records were set. The younger generation also performed extremely well with 1 Junior and 5 Youth World records for women and 17 Junior and 4 Youth World Records for men.

Individually, KUO Hsing-Chung (TPE), DENG Wei (CHN) and RIM Jong Sim (PRK) stood out of the crowd.  KUO set 4, KIM and RIM set 3-3 World Records respectively.

In the men’s field, two Chinese lifters, CHEN Lijun and SHI Zhiyong achieved 3-3 World Records each. DJURAEV Akbar (UZB) had the extraordinary achievement of setting 9 new Junior World Records. Lifters of 18 countries out of 25 shared the medals.