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Chinese Weightlifting Association Electoral Congress and National Anti-doping Conference held in Ningbo

Chinese Weightlifting Association held its Electoral Congress and National Anti-doping Conference on April 22, 2019 in Ningbo, China during the Asian Weightlifting Championships. Mr. GOU Zhongwen, President of the Chinese Olympic Committee attended the meetings.

Mr. GOU Zhongwen said in his speech that the Chinese Weightlifting Association has been working very effectively against doping with significant progress, and must remain vigilant in the meantime to any potential doping under the severe anti-doping situation internationally.

Mr. ZHOU Jinqiang said, even though Chinese National Team have some achievements in the previous competitions after the new categories were set up, Chinese Weightlifting Association will continue to have weightlifting training in a scientific manner and further enhance our communications and cooperation with IWF and AWF as well as other Federation worldwide.

During the Electoral Congress, Mr. ZHOU Jinqiang was reelected as President of Chinese Weightlifting Association and Mr. HE Yiqun was elected as General Secretary.

Source: CWA