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Legends Live On – Mathias Steiner

The legacy of German weightlifter Matthias Steiner, whose emotional gold medal win in 2008 inspired a career of promoting a healthy and active lifestyle, is featured in an all new episode of the Olympic Channel original series Legends Live On.

Beyond the spotlight of the Olympic Games where legends are made, the legacy of Olympians live on. In Legends Live On, Olympic heroes show how they are translating their success into careers and inspiring future generations.

Steiner is best known for his emotional gold medal win at the Olympic Games Beijing 2008 which came as a bittersweet victory following the tragic death of his wife just one year earlier. Digging deep within to deliver on a promise he had made to his late wife that he would one day win an Olympic medal, Steiner had just one try left to attempt his heaviest lift ever at 258kg.

“There was nothing else in life, nothing more important. I was a free man right there and then – the happiest man in the world, especially then,” said Steiner upon reflecting on his winning lift in Beijing.

Following his retirement from competitive weightlifting in 2013, Steiner, who was diagnosed with diabetes at age 18, realised that living at a bodyweight of 150kg was not sustainable and embarked on a weight loss journey where he lost 45kg.

Today, Steiner is an author, motivational speaker and advocate for diabetes education and a healthy lifestyle helping others to lead happier and healthy lives.

“I’m in my 30s, and in great shape! I’m a fitness and nutrition coach, a singer and, quite simply, a happy dad.”

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