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Czech lifter won gold on last day of IWF Youth World Championships

On the last competition day of the 2019 IWF Youth Championships, the highest men and woman bodyweight categories competed in Las Vegas.

In the woman’s +81kg, Spanish BLANCO TARELA Irene proved to be the best. She secured 3 gold medals with a 91kg Snatch and a 112kg Clean and Jerk (203kg Total).

The silver and bronze medals both stayed in home soil, YUN Julia finished second with a 199kg Total, while the other American, WALKER Nia Lielani lifted 196kg, earning the bronze.

In the men’s superheavyweight, we celebrated a Czech Youth World Champion ORACKO Dominik. First, he grabbed the gold medal in the Snatch with three good lifts, 144kg at highest.

Azerbaijan’s KAZIMOV Rahman stole the Clean and Jerk gold from ORACKO, both performing the same result, 174kg, but KAZIMOV was first to finish the attempt.

Turkmen DAYIYEV Atajan was the second runner up in the +102kg category, with a Total of 315kg. After finishing second in the Snatch (143kg), he made an attempt to rise to the overall gold with his last Clean and Jerk attempt at 176kg but failed to complete it, which put him back to the fourth place (172kg) of this lift and second place overall.

ALALI Ahmad (SYR) swiped three bronze medals totalling at 309kg.