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IWF Committee Meetings in Las Vegas

After the joint meeting, all 3 IWF Committees held their meetings prior to the 2019 IWF Youth World Championships Las Vegas, USA to kick off on 8 March.

Technical Committee

First, the new Video Playback Technology was introduced to the Technical Committee Members. Teaming up with Dartfish, IWF will be able to use the new technology to clarify controversial decisions and undertake medical and coaching researches. The 2019 IWF Youth World Championships will be the first occasion to record and archive the lifts of athletes.

Next on agenda was the ITO Appointment Policy modification. A proposal was accepted, explaining that TC should encourage athletes’ further participation in World Championships, prepare for athletes’ pathway for being ITOs and enforce TC’s more involvement into the process of TO Selection and allocation.

The Members also discussed some remaining item from the Ashgabat meeting, such as Technical Officials training, examination, selection, location, and evaluation.

Last but not least, the Members agreed on the 4-year plan.


Coaching and Research Committee

The Coaching and Research Committee had several topics on its Agenda for the meeting in Las Vegas. First, the IWF Female Train the Trainers Course, held in February 2019 was evaluated and the next steps were decided such as focusing on updating the web material. CRC agreed on the guidelines on appointing presenters for IWF Coaching Courses. The Members discussed the new IWF Technical Rules and impact on the sport, especially the newly introduced video playback.

There was a discussion about the E-learning platform for Coaches to be introduced in 2019. Several alternatives have been examined and the new platform is planned to be presented at the Senior World Championships.

IWF wishes to launch a Coaches’ Corner on its website where anyone with a passion for Olympic weightlifting can learn and share knowledge. Publication guidelines will be created to facilitate the submission of articles.

Medical Committee

The IWF Medical Committee had a fruitful meeting in Las Vegas, concentrating on the key points of the 4-year work plan.

The Chairman, Dr. Michael Irani and the MC Members discussed the updates of the Transgender topic regarding Caster Semanya and Dutee Chand vs. IAAF case, which may affect the Transgender Guideline of the International Olympic Committee.

The other focus point of the meeting was –  also important elements of the 4-year plan –  the research projects of the Members.

Several projects were presented and discussed by the Medical Committee Members, such as:

  • Hip – Waist – Girth – for which data will be collected at the Youth World Championships;
  • Hip problems of the Athletes;
  • Sport Specialization in Elite USA Weightlifting Athletes;
  • Mental health of the Athlete.

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