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Constitutional Working Group’s 2nd meeting

Working Group

The Constitutional Working Group appointed by the IWF Executive Board to elaborate the proposals for the modification of the Constitution and By-Laws met for an update meeting – again in Budapest, Hungary. IWF President, Dr. Tamás Ajánwelcomed the Group and wished them successful work.

José Quinones, IWF Vice President chaired the meeting during the two days, 8th and 9th February. Members – Mr. Petr Krol, Ms. Karoliina Lundahl and Dr. Christian Baumgartner – discussed and consolidated the proposals received. Their work was assisted by the IWF’s Swiss law firm Kellerhals-Carrard, represented by Dr. Francois CARRARD. A comprehensive document including the harmonized and proposed modifications will be presented to the IWF Executive Board at the end of May and the final version will be tabled to Federations at the Annual Congress.