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Swedish Weightlifting Federation – Children and Youth Investment

In the framework of the 2018 IWF Development Program, The SWF organised three seminars, with the aim to provide increased knowledge and quality assurance on how to train children for youth coaches.

The first seminar in Bosön was lectured by Mr Marius Sommer, a professional in sports psychology and lecturer at the Umeå University. Mr Sommer talked about the importance of the support of coaches in motivation children, and how their involvement can support young athletes.

How do you motivate athletes to continue sports regardless of goals, ambitions and opportunities? The coaches had to reflect on how they, as leaders can influence and support their improvement in the best possible way.

Ms Fanny Höglund was the first presenter at the second seminar on the same location. Among other topics, she talked about alternative exercise types to develop a basic physical ability for children, in a playful and instructive way, that is beneficial for weightlifting.

On the second day, Mr Magnus Kilger explained his research about the concept of talent. The interest in identifying, selecting and developing young talent in sports seems to be endless. At the same time, certain talents are chosen for special ventures. The sports movement will enable every child to participate in sports.

Mr Kilger talked about how the non-profit sports movements and sports associations in Sweden have a responsibility from a health perspective in the society, and training athletes for international success.

The final seminar was in Jönköping at Scania Elmia and was dedicated to important topics such as talent and developing sports environments. The discussion also touched the subject of safe sports environments to work proactively against sexual abuse, harassment and violence.

The lecture concerned questions like; How do we create an environment where we both create stars and interest in lifelong sports? What participation does coaches and leaders in creating a favourable training environment for children and adolescents?

Swedish Federation expressed its gratitude to IWF for the opportunity to host these seminars.




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