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Meeting of the Constitution Modification Working Group

The Working Group appointed by the IWF Executive Board to study and elaborate on the proposals submitted for the modification of the IWF Constitution and By-Laws sat down to the work in Budapest on 12th and 13th December 2018.

Attended by Working Group members Mr. Petr Krol, Vice President, Ms. Karoliina Lundahl and  Mr. Maxim Agapitov, Executive Board Members, chaired by IWF Vice President Mr. José Quinones and assisted by Maitre Francois Carrard as Legal Advisor, Mr. Attila Ádámfi, Director General and Ms. Anikó Németh-Móra, Director as coordinator of the Group, the meeting served the mission assigned by the Executive Board to start the procedure of updating the IWF’s basic documents, a process that will culminate in the Congress at Pattaya in September next year.